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Benefit Services

Benefit Services

Helping You Get the Most of Medicare

Do you qualify for home care? Medicare's Home Health benefit is misunderstood and often under-utilized benefit. This benefit is particularly helpful for individuals struggling with long-term chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and COPD. ApparentPlan can work with you and your doctor to set up rehabilitative therapy and home care services.

Have you heard from your social worker or therapist that because you are no longer improving, Medicare will not continue to pay for your treatment? This is known as the "improvement standard" and it is a myth. ApparentPlan can help receive the therapy you need -- covered by Medicare.

There are a host of benefits and programs available to older adults. Knowing which ones you qualify for and understanding which services are covered under the various program options can be challenging.  Let one of ApparentPlan's counselors help you with any of the following: 

  • Determine if there are benefit programs available to meet your needs; examples include, Medical Assistance, Medicare, heating assistance, pharmaceutical assistance programs, nutrition, and hearing aid assistance programs.
  • Partner with you and your doctor to maximize Medicare benefits.
  • Help patients appeal Medicare benefits they have been denied.
  • Provide hands-on assistance during the benefit application process.
  • Help you lower your drug costs with the goal of avoiding the Medicare donut hole.Help you analyze your plans options for Medicare.

Aging is not for sissies.  Do you have a plan?

Not all benefits are necessarily financial.  ApparentPlan is here to help you consider the many factors you are likely to encounter BEFORE your are in the middle of a health crisis.  For example, should you require temporary skilled care, you do not want to be looking for that care when you need it urgently.  Your options will be limited to what is currently available in the market.  Planning ahead gives you greater control of your skilled care placement.

Not all long-term planning requires a financial solution.  ApparentPlan's counselors can help you consider many of the factors you are likely to encounter BEFORE you are in the middle of a health crisis.  

  • Your relationship with your primary care physician.    Establishing a positive relationship with a health care provider is critical for getting the care you need.  When your physician knows you well, he/she is able to help match the services you need with your Medicare and other insurance benefits.
  • Your personal networks.  Consider your closest friends and your personal networks.  Many times, you will discover that you have friends and connections to "caregivers" who would be able to fill in gaps in care should you become ill.  For example, your church may have a parish nurse or caring ministry that can coordinate a volunteer to run errands or prepare meals for you as your recover from an illness.
  • Housing preferences.  Should you require temporary or long-term care, have you considered your housing choices?  Visiting care facilities, planning ahead, putting your name on a waiting list are steps that you can take to be pro-active in planning for your care.  You do not want to be searching for a care setting when you need it urgently.  Your choices will be limited to what is currently available.  You will have the greatest control in your long-term care destination if you plan ahead.