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Nursing Homes and Over Medication


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Nursing Homes and Over Medication

Tracy Keibler

There was a sad article in the AARP bulletin titled, Nursing Home Drug Outrage.  As an advocate for nursing home residents, particularly one's with Alzheime'rs, the overmedication of patients is an issue that greatly concerns me.  As a result of that concern, I sit on the task force, Partnership to Improve Dementia Care with Stratis Health (Minnesota's Medicare Quality Improvement Organization) and care providers.

Minnesota is working hard to train nursing facility staff in effective non-pharmacological interventions for dealing with behavior issues.  The goal is to reduce the use of anti-psychotic medication in the facilities with the highest use by 15%.  We haven't reached our goal, but we are making progress.

If you have a loved in a nursing home setting and would like to have a conversation about medication use, use the information on the Alzheimer's Association website, or contact ApparentPlan and we can assist you.