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2 Days of RAGBRAI Down, 5 More to Go


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2 Days of RAGBRAI Down, 5 More to Go

Charles Keibler

Tracy called today to ask that I post a brief update.  The good news is that she has completed the first two days of her journey across Iowa.  On Sunday, she left Rock Valley on the South Dakota border and rode 69.2 miles to Okaboji.  It was a challenging first day, but she arrived safely, inspired by those she met along the way.  On Monday, the route was much shorter, only 40.8 miles, and Tracy made it to Emmetsburg, Iowa early in the afternoon.

The bad news is that the wireless infrastructure of the small towns along her route is having trouble supporting the 30,000+ additional people trying to access the internet.  She has thus far been unable to upload blog posts or pictures.  Even the local internet hot spots appear to be overwhelmed by all of the network traffic.

Tracy asked that I let everyone know that she is doing well, enjoying the adventure, and meeting lots of people who are inspirational examples of aging well.  She will keep trying to connect to the internet so she can share her journey with all of you.  

In the meantime, here are two local news reports summarizing the first two days.

Day 1 Summary

Day 2 Summary