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You Helped This 78 Year-Old Woman Land On Her Feet

Tracy Keibler

Carol at work

Carol at work

Carol* had worked for the same small clinic for 40 years.  Soon after the company was sold, she was let go.  Read how it’s turning out, thanks to you:

Carol had no idea what to do. Then a real psychological blow came when she received notice that her former employer had requested a hearing in an attempt to deny her the unemployment benefits she had earned. When Carol came to ApparentPlan, she was ready to give up.  “People like me don’t win against companies with lawyers,” she said.

Giving up was not an option.  Carol needed those hard-earned benefits to help her remain financially stable until she found a new job.  “At 78 years old, I have no idea what the future holds.  I live in fear of outliving my financial assets — and then what?”  

Instead of giving up, ApparentPlan connected Carol with a stellar HR counselor.  The HR counselor encouraged Carol saying, “I’m really good at this.  No one has ever collected unemployment against me. I will teach you the opposite of what I do so that you can win against someone like me — which is what your employer has on his side.”

After reviewing Carol’s employment file, the HR counselor reassured Carol that her employer did not have a strong enough case to merit denying her unemployment benefits.

Not only did Carol prevail in two unemployment hearings, she also was able to keep her unemployment benefits throughout her job search. Using a laptop borrowed from ApparentPlan’s PC lending program, Carol was able to remain diligent in all aspects of her job search efforts.  Against all odds, at 78, she was able to land a perfect part-time bookkeeping and data entry job that pays $20.00 an hour.

You gave Carol the equipment she needed to do a job search, access to an HR expert so she could keep the unemployment compensation she had earned, and the hope and confidence she needed to land a job at 78.