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How do I become a Nutrition Ignition mentor?

Tracy Keibler

A Nutrition Ignition mentor is volunteer who has completed at least one month of the program, feels that the program has benefited them and has attended a mentor training session.  Our goal is to have a Nutrition Ignition mentor at every table during the start-up of a new session. 

The mentor is available to encourage and  answer questions and guide the new participants through the process. 

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How do I join a Nutrition Ignition class?

Tracy Keibler

There are currently two ways to join a Nutrition Ignition class.  First, you can join any of our  currently scheduled Nutrition Ignition classes that are listed on our programs calendar.  

Second, if you have a group of 6-15 individuals who would like to learn about Nutrition Ignition, please give us a call and we can find a mutually convenient time to present to your group.

If you have any scheduling questions, please feel free to give us a call at 952-215-7052.

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If I can only attend some of the classes, can I get a refund for the classes I miss?

Tracy Keibler

The classes taught by ApparentPlan are subsidized through generous grants from individuals and foundations.  For example, the cost of running our tai chi class is approximately $90 per person.  We offer that class at $35.  We do this because we strongly believe that finances should not be a barrier to health promotion programs.  Due to the high level of financial support we provide for our classes, we do not offer refunds when students miss class. 

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