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Food for Seniors

Showing Kindness



There was a study done that I found alarming.  It found that half of all seniors seeking medical treatment in the emergency room were malnourished.  Ponder that for a moment.

As we come to the end of the year, many of our tai chi classes will be celebrating with potlucks or "high" tea.  One of our students suggested that during these celebrations, perhaps we could bring food, grocery gift cards or cash to help ApparentPlan's clients who need help affording fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and protein.

Periodically, I receive phone calls from neighbors and friends of a client who report, "I saw Mary and Joe at the grocery store.  The only thing in their cart was bread, cereal and milk.  I think they are having a hard time making ends meet.  Is there anything you know that we could do to help them?"  People like Mary and Joe live in the neighborhood where you likely take tai chi classes.  If you would like to help, here is your chance!

If you would be interested in donating so that ApparentPlan can help our our clients in this way, know that you can do so any three ways:

  1. purchase a gift card and bring it to a tai chi class
  2. leave a cash donation
  3. donate here and your donation will be earmarked to help seniors who are struggling to purchase nutritious food.

Thank you for thoughtfulness in your giving.