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Nutrition Ignition

Nutrition Ignition

Nutrition Ignition is a nutrition program created by Dr. Anne Kelly, a board certified pediatrician.  As the former director of the U Special Kids program at the University of Minnesota, she worked with a group of profoundly ill children.  Everything she learned about achieving the health results that her patients were looking for has been packed into Nutrition Ignition.  Her results were so astonishing they were the basis of Dr. Mark Hyman's testimony before Congress in 2009.  

The beauty of Nutrition Ignition is its simplicity.  It guides you through baby steps, that anyone can do no matter their age, to get you on the path to renewed energy and health.  Dr. Kelly teaches participants how to make a 4-6 ounce nutrient-dense shake to have in addition to one's usual breakfast.  Then in the afternoon, how to have a nutrient-rich glass of mineral water.  It's that simple!

My legs hurt so much at night, I haven’t slept through the night in years. On this program, I’ve been sleeping through the night.
— Kathy M.

I can’t believe how much energy I have. I am caring for my spouse who has Alzheimer’s and working full time. The extra energy has helped me be a better caregiver.
— Val W.

I feel so much better on this program, I can’t wait to re-start my exercise program.
— Barb G.

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