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6995 Mariann Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346


Ragbrai 2017 Riders

Max Martin

Tracy Keibler


What did Tom get me into this time?


Your Support

Help Max meet his fundraising goal for ApparentPlan!

I am riding for ApparentPlan because:

Everyone wants to live a long, robust and healthy life but NO ONE wants to be old.  ApparentPlan's mission is to work with communities of faith to help congregation members live their best lives.  With any luck, we will all grow old.  I want my life to be full of vitality, meaning and purpose.  ApparentPlan is ready to serve individuals aging well and advocate fiercely for those who are struggling.

Max's Bio:

I love being outdoors.  RAGBRAI is the most fun you can imagine having on a bike.