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6995 Mariann Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346


Ragbrai 2019 Riders

Bob Buzzell

Charles Keibler



Help Bob meet his fundraising goal for health programs!


I want to support the training and education of people, especially seniors, on the benefits of nutrition and exercise. With a holistic approach one can improve health and mobility, and thereby improve one's quality of life!  My restored health is proof that recovery, even against tremendous odds, is possible!


In '73 I bought my first 10 speed bike. People thought I rode a lot. For me, I was just a 16 year old with an affordable means of transportation.

Then, on 12/02/73, I was shot, point blank, with a 16 gauge, full choke shotgun in the right calf. The doctors wanted to amputate my leg at the knee.  It took 3 days before I learned that even though I wouldn't lose my leg, I would probably never walk normally again. 

After that, cycling became not only physical therapy, but also a passion. I started racing in '75.  I raced for seven years until I hurt my back and could no longer spend hours bent over the handlebars.  After years of self taught yoga and exercise, I am once again riding toward a more fit and active life. I look forward to retiring so I can again spend time outdoors doing the things I love, riding, camping, climbing and kayaking. 

I could have given up on these these things after being shot, or my back injury, but with a lot of work and a heathy diet, I'm back!  I'm on my bike, doing the things I love -- enjoying life -- and through ApparentPlan helping others do the same!