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Ragbrai 2019 Riders

Dan Price

Charles Keibler

Ragbrai bound!

Ragbrai bound!



Help Dan reach his fundraising goal for health programs and caregiver support!


I am a caregiver. Sooner or later, everyone will be a caregiver.  Caregiving is often a lonely journey.  ApparentPlan supports caregivers and that is one reason I’m supporting ApparentPlan. 

Also, I have not aged gracefully.  I have struggled with weight and diabetes.  Through inspiration from ApparentPlan, I have begun my journey back to health.  I have lost 55 lbs. and enjoy bicycling regularly.  Their mantra is “Live Long. Die Short; not in a nursing home.”  When I retire, my goal is to cycle from coast to coast – being in a nursing home is nowhere in my retirement plan!  ApparentPlan helps people like me live their most exuberant lives and that is another reason I’m supporting ApparentPlan!


I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa.  I was not very athletic due to below average skills in any sport that involved catching or throwing a ball.  In middle school gym class when the teams were picked for a basketball game I was one of the last kids to be picked.  When I was 12 years old and worked all summer, saved my money and purchased my first 10 speed bike from the local bike shop called “The Bike Shop”. Biking was my ticket to freedom.  I quickly developed a love for cycling and was riding century rides on my own when I was 13.

In 1976 I decided to ride this big ride across Iowa called RAGBRAI.   This decision contributed to my lifelong passion for cycling.  During my first RAGBRAI, I was amazed that there were thousands of other like-minded people with the same addiction to cycling that I had.  On RAGBRAI I met new friends. I hung out and rode with a few 15 year old bike racers from Illinois.  At the end of the week they told me I should try bike racing and I said that I thought racing was only for bikers who were fast.  They then pointed out that they were racers and I had no difficulty keeping up with them, so there was no reason why I couldn’t be a bike racer also.  In 1977, I started to compete in local Iowa bike races.  In 1978 I grew and gained more experience and won my first bike race.  In 1979 at age 18, I competed in the USCF Junior Men’s category as a cyclist at various levels of competition regionally and nationally.

During college I worked in various bike shop in Iowa and Colorado. Working with bicycles provided me with a mechanical aptitude as I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from ISU.  Over the years I have enjoyed mountain biking with my two sons.  In 2011, my 13 year old son and I participated in the “Salsa Two-Four” event at Afton Alps in the 24 hour mountain bike race.   There was no category for a 13 year old boy, so we took third place in the 2 person relay 24 hour men’s event.

I am working to restore my health to be able to accomplish a long bucket list of dreams that I have for my life.  The inspiration from ApparentPlan helps to keep me on track for my current and future journey.  I hope my support and involvement with ApparentPlan will inspire others to embark on a health journey in order to live life to its fullest.