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Ragbrai 2019 Riders

Tracy Keibler

Tracy Keibler

       Ragbrai bound!

       Ragbrai bound!


Your Support

Help Tracy meet her fundraising goal for housing!

I am riding for ApparentPlan because:

people with dementia should not be homeless.  ApparentPlan supports individuals living in the community with dementia. Some of our clients need skilled care but do not qualify for skilled nursing care.  Without ApparentPlan’s help, our clients, our friends, would face eviction and homelessness.  I’m riding for safe and appropriate housing for all seniors.

Tracy’s Bio:

I like to think that I live life - no holds barred.  Where others see the impossible, I say, "Watch me!" 

Twenty-two years ago, my doctor stood beside my hospital bed and told me that he didn’t know if I would ever be able to walk again.  Right then and there, I decided to commit everything to my recovery.  I fought hard. I proved my doctor wrong.  I continue to work for good health every day.  Doing RAGBRAI is a victory lap for me.  

I am originally from Iowa.  At age 13 I rode RAGBRAI III with roughly 3,000 riders.  The ride is now over 20,000 participants strong.  I took a ~40 year hiatus from biking and began riding again when I went on RAGBRAI two years ago.  That ride was a memorial ride for my dad.  He rode RAGBRAI for the last time when he was 87.  My goal is to mirror his perseverance and ride RAGBRAI when I’m 87.  I hope by then RAGBRAI will come naturally to me.  I consider that RAGBRAI this year is just training for that ride 33 years from now.

I am the founding director of ApparentPlan.  Our mission is to improve the health, wealth and dignity of America's aging population.  Our motto is ‘Live Long.  Die Short.  Not in a Nursing Home.’  ApparentPlan supports individuals across the aging/health continuum:  the healthy, frail and the caregiver.  Riding a bike, doing anything to keep active, is one of the keys to living your best life.