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Shibashi Qigong

Shibashi Qigong

Shibashi Qigong, based on ancient Chinese exercises, is an easy to learn system of energy enhancing exercises that coordinates movement, breathing, and concentration.  If practiced regularly it will give you more energy, improve health, and prevent illness.  

Unlike Tai Chi, which requires learning the “choreography” of set movements and then refining them over a very long time, Shibashi (Parts 1 and 2) consists of 36 follow-the-leader exercises, each repeated six times.  Each exercise helps open the flow of Qi, or energy, through the 12 primary meridians, or energy channels in the body.  

Shibashi Qigong is appropriate for all ages and abilities and easily adapted to a seated position.


Shibashi Qigong class fees: $56 for the seven-week session.  
Improving your health is more important to us than your ability to pay.  Scholarships are available.