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Many start-up nonprofit organizations fail in their third year.  It is now year six and ApparentPlan has flourished through the tough learning curve by the sheer passion of our conviction that we are on to something big.  The life-changing health outcomes that we have witnessed in our clients have only been possible through our unique, collaborative partnerships with the Tai Chi for Health Community, Dr. Kelly, Nutrition Ignition, faith communities and others.  The most exciting part is that we have been able to achieve these breakthroughs in populations where others have given up:  low-income, older adults, with multiple chronic conditions (i.e. arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease). 

Our work is on the leading edge of an ever growing movement where individuals are realizing the power in simple truths:  

  • nutrition is the key to mitigating the chronic conditions that threaten one's quality of life

  • exercise and complimentary medicine practices are powerful

  • small group support is critical for long-term behavioral changes required for improved health

We have big dreams for the future and with your help we can make those dreams come alive. 

ApparentPlan’s goal is to be there for older adults in a profound way when aging becomes difficult.    Not only do we address our clients' physical needs, but we have also solved many problems for struggling seniors: 

  • helped seniors on the verge of homelessness keep their homes

  • helped make prescription drugs more affordable

  • put over $600,000 in benefits in the hands of impoverished older adult

Partner with us.  Join us on our mission.  You will make incredible things unfold in 2017.